What We Do Best

At Commercial Equity Group we listen to our customers and like to hear their story, their management skills, their work ethic and their ability to refocus in the tough times. We want to know if we can be a part of their journey to success.

We lend where others may not. Customers tell us that they are fed up with the lack of timely response to applications to the big lenders only to find out weeks later that the proposal is declined. We don't do business that way- we act fast and can usually progress a finance proposal from application to settlement within a few days.

We are responsive, and offer our customers a seamless service.

Larger finance companies add complexity with their rules and regulations, and are quick to forget there is a customer involved in every proposal. We use customer names, and don't see them as just another account number.

We acknowledge and embrace the no fuss policy.

We listen. We Lend. No Fuss.